Customer Service


One of the principal assets in any organisation is its staff and here at Meadowfresh Foods the dedication and commitment of all staff is central to the success of the business.  An experienced and well organised group who work together to ensure customer expectations are met and achieved every time.


All our staff  are trained in food safety and hygiene and refresher training takes place regularly to ensure continuous commitment to quality produce.




Meadowfresh operates a fleet of refrigerated vehicles to ensure our vegetables arrive to the customer chilled to required specification. We offer daily deliveries to guarantee fresh product on time, every time. Each vehicle is fitted with a thermo logging device to ensure constant monitoring and control of product temperature.


Our drivers are skilled professionals who are not just employed for their driving abilities but also for their cordial manner in dealing with customers.  Each driver is considered the public face of Meadowfresh Foods and as company envoys they are expected to deal with any customer issues in a professional and prompt manner, reporting back to base immediately so that alternative arrangements can be put in place to ensure complete customer care.



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